1. Illuminating crotch.

  2. Way, shape, or form. #theygood

  3. Bombardier X Terrapin #beerporn #terrapin #hops #mosaic #bombardierva #postrock #roanoke #jackbrowns

  4. Bazan. #bazan


  5. perfectmidnightworld:

    "The City Brooks" by Bombardier // You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are (Available Now via Bandcamp)

    If you’re looking for something energetic, atmospheric, and beautiful to soundtrack your late autumn chill this long weekend, look no further than "You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are", the new EP from Virginia based post-rockers, Bombardier. Stepping outside of the dominant post rock trends that stem from bands inspired by haunting minimalism (Hammock), or the apocalyptic surge (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) - Bombardier instead bring an emotional and often triumphant energy to their sound. Imagine Explosions in the Sky crossed with Appleseed Cast with a little Don Caballero thrown in for good measure and you’re almost there. Of course, the band finds a sweet spot that is all their own. Comparisons be damned. A prime example of what makes the band stand out is “The City Brooks”, a glimmering, hypnotic beauty that soars on twinkling, ethereal guitars and crashing drums. It’s that cinematic, widescreen sound that is present in each of the five songs that make up "You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are" (which you can grab now at Bandcamp for “Name-Your-Price” - so get it for free while downloads last, but don’t be afraid to share some cash). Highly recommended!

    My band got reviewed on one of the blogs I respect the most! This rules! 

    (via perfectmidnightworld)

  6. Happy birthday to me! Nothing like a feature on ap.net to brighten my day!


  7. Here’s one of the tracks from my bands new E.P., check it and let me know what you think!

  8. Tbt #2 - my Ben Gibbard with acne phase. #tbt #whatswiththeseposes #2005

  9. This is my grandma and myself. I really like this picture, and wish I hadn’t lost that blazer.

  10. This is me, doing what I do best. I need to do more of it.